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I started Dr. Mark Hyman’s 10-Day Detox Diet on January 8th and convinced my husband to join me. I wanted to give a quick update on how the first five days went. Let me start by saying this experience has been a bit more intense than I expected.

The amount of time required to plan out the meals, prepare the meals, do the activities suggested, and the nightly routine is immense. If you choose to do something like this, ensure that you have enough time to dedicate to it or you may not finish. I would even suggest treating it as a second job if you have to.

I have a better understanding now of what being on a detox diet involves both mentally and physically (including the effort and bodily reactions), which is fantastic because that was one of my goals. As a Functional Medicine Health Coach (candidate), this will help me be better able to relate to clients, which I feel is an integral part of the job.


While the exercise requirement is critical, although it probably would have been better to start during a warmer time of year. While the mornings have been clear, the temperature has been right around freezing, so walks through the neighborhood have been, shall we say, refreshing.

The food options have been delicious. I enjoy cooking, so it has been fun to play with recipes and ingredients I have always wanted to try. I will say that I am looking forward to being able to prep a meal that will last a few days and taking a night off though. Maybe that dream of opening a bistro is not as ideal as I thought.


The hardest parts for the first five days have been the sugar withdrawal symptoms. I did not expect them to be so intense or to last for so long. The fatigue and brain fog started on Day 1, and while they would get better for me by late afternoon, I found myself napping most of the morning and struggling to do what I needed to during the rest of the day.

I have been fortunate that this detox is my primary focus for these ten days, so most of what I needed to get done has been related to it. I don’t know how someone could work while feeling this way, but my husband has been a trooper, and he made it through. His withdrawal symptoms subsided a couple of days before mine, so he was fortunate in that regard.


With only five days remaining, I am hopeful that the brain fog clears up and that I start to get more energy. I’m excited to add some of the recipes we have tried to our regular schedule and am eager to keep exercising into the months to come. Usually, the cold weather is a deterrent to outdoor activity this time of year, so it is nice to prove to myself that it doesn’t have to be.

Have you ever done a detox or cleanse before? What are the tips and tricks you have for getting through the first few days?

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